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Camera Rig

Sony FX6 Teleprompter Rig – How to Rig Your Sony FX6 Part 3/3

Presenting to camera can often look easy, until the lights are on, the camera is rolling and it’s time to give the presentation.
Sony FX6 Handheld rig

Sony FX6 Handheld Rig – How To Rig Your Sony FX6 Part 2/3

In part 2 of this series I’ll cover how I use the Sony FX6 handheld rig when I want to keep the rig light, nimble...
Sony FX6 Shoulder Rig

Sony FX6 Shoulder Rig – How To Rig Your Sony FX6 Part 1/3

A lot of DPs / Camera Operators will say just get an FX9 if you want to run a Sony camera off the...