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How a video production cart has changed my videography workflow

Taking the plunge to invest a decent amount of change into a video production cart

Sony FX6 Teleprompter Rig – How to Rig Your Sony FX6 Part 3/3

Presenting to camera can often look easy, until the lights are on, the camera is
Corporate Video Production Trends

5 Corporate Video Production Trends of 2023

The video production industry is constantly changing. The sector has reached a point where
Sony FX6 Handheld rig

Sony FX6 Handheld Rig – How To Rig Your Sony FX6 Part 2/3

In part 2 of this series I’ll cover how I use the Sony FX6 handheld
Sony FX6 Shoulder Rig

Sony FX6 Shoulder Rig – How To Rig Your Sony FX6 Part 1/3

A lot of DPs / Camera Operators will say just get an FX9 if you
Video interview techniques Adelaide

Video Interview Techniques – A Simple 6 Step Guide

There are many ways to create a narrative in video production, this could be via
Post Production Backup Workflow

How To Automate Your Post Production Backup Workflow

Installing a post production backup workflow is vitally important. We have all heard the horror