My services range from AN Independent videographer to full service video production campaigns.

Services by video theme

I work on a range of video projects in Adelaide, here are some of my most common assignments

Interview Video

I take utmost pride in how my interviews look, sounds and are conducted. I always interviews wrapped with beautiful soft light indoors and diffusing the sun outdoors. Interviews are shot using one, two or even three camera angles – The extra mile that not everyone does! 

I pride myself on attention to detail with engaging, natural and comfortable performances. See my guide on interview techniques more more information.

Live Event Video

Live event videos are a fantastic way of reaching your audience after your event, re-engaging them before your next event as well as attracting new attendees. 

I create event highlight reels, keynote speaker videos and hype reels to present on screens at your event.

Corporate Video

I help communicate your corporate message through video in Adelaide. Corporate video has evolved throughout the years. People want to know your story, your ethos, your motivation as much as any other genre of video.

Whether its a CEO interview, attracting the best corporate talent, yearly reports, corporate profile videos or thought leader interviews, there’s always a story to tell, we just need to look for it.   

Branded Content Video

Branded content videos have the biggest impact when they’re honest, engaging and provide a window for your audience to see your brands ethos, motivations and personality. 

Raising awareness about your brand or product through video provides digestible information that can result in your audience clicking through to the next step in your campaign.

‘How to’ videos can be an incredibly useful way to inform your audience how to use or operate your product safely and as it’s intended – whether the target audience are consumers, installers or new recruits.

A series of how to videos can
• Help show your audience that you care about how they use your product
• Increase customer retention
• Reduce after sale questions and emails

I create ‘how to’ and educational videos for internal company audiences, installers of your product as well as external ‘how to’ videos hosted on popular social platforms.

Company Training Video

Similar to a ‘how to’ or educational video, training videos are usually aimed at internal audiences within your company. 

They tend to be more topic-specific ranging from new starter onboarding videos, re-training video courses and up-skilling team members via instructional videos. 

Even on the most simple training topics I look to keep it interesting. Using a mixture of beautifully crafted shots and creative story telling. 

Creative Video Techniques

Video technology has come a long…long way since the days of video tape. Using modern production equipment and techniques I can offer niche video story telling techniques such as

• Time-lapse
• Motion-lapse
• Drone videography
• Stop motion
• Text positioned within live action video

I don’t however, pretend to know everything in house, if your brief calls for some niche experts, I have an extensive black book of specialist crew to call on.

Website Background Video

Increase retention time and reduce bounce rate by capturing the curiosity of visitors to your website with video.

Background ‘hero’ videos can give your potential customers an almost instant insight to your brand by having a (muted) video automatically start playing on website load.

They say a picture says a thousand words – greeting a visitor to your site with video can say a lot more.

Sport Video Production

I have produced numerous sporting content over the years, from AFL player profiles, new sporting products at retail outlets to pre game player stats on the big screen.

I was also part of the camera crew on the Disney+ series “Fearless: The Inside Story of the AFLW”.

One highlight of my career was a track filming day with Usain Bolt in London.  

Company Documentaries

Want to tell your company story? As part of my video production service, I have crafted company documentaries telling the story of the companies journey from starting out to modern day operations ranging from 2 minute mini docs to 50 minute keep-sake and sentimental company history videos.

Using a mixture of interviews, supporting b-roll and sometimes even historical footage, I craft interesting and poignant documentaries that enable audiences to gain an insight into the journey of your company and where it is heading in the future.


Need a simple video created quickly?

Not all video productions require a seperate producer and additional crew on set. If you have a simple brief and need a competent videographer who has a good mix of people skills, creative talent and technical expertise, I have the skills, experience, equipment & can-do work ethic to make that happen.

Promotional Video

I find unique ways to tell your story, through creative storytelling and skilled technical expertise.

A great promo video starts with showing your audience a glimpse of what your business can provide, leaving them intrigued and wanting them to find out more.

Services by project scale

The scale of video projects I provide can be divided into the following

Video Production

Full Service Video Production

Concept to completion video production

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A lean team of creatives who live and breathe video production! Suits clients who are looking for a turn key solution with their video content.

Video Producer

Plan | Shoot | Edit

Pre planning, filming and delivery of a video

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Independent shooter / producer / editor who's experienced with planning, executing and delivering video content.


Shoot | Edit

Videographer in Adelaide with equipment

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Perfect for marketers and producers looking to bring in technical crew to shoot and edit their in-house projects.

Do I need a producer, a videographer or full service video production?

It’s depends entirely on your needs, but as a general guide, for films that require conducting interviews, multiple camera operators, pre shoot planning, voiceovers and crew management etc, a video producer looking after your project is the best option.

For more basic shoot and edit short videos, an independent videographer is a great balance between getting a great result while being excellent value for investment.

Once we’ve had a quick chat about your project via a discovery call. I’ll gain insight to the best solution for your campaign.

Scaling up or down to suit your specific project, ensures that your budget goes as far as possible whilst ensuring every base is covered.