Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a video cost?

This is a question we are frequently asked. The cost of a depends on a variety of different factors, for example:

  • Amount of filming locations

Whether we are filming at one location or three on a single shoot day can add travel & setup time.  

  • How long will it take to capture all of the footage

This depends on what we’re capturing. For a 2 minute testimonial video with a self shooting videographer, an interview can be setup and filmed in around 2 hours, add another 1.5 hours for capturing supporting footage in the same location and we have everything we need to produce the video.

For a more in-depth testimonial video with one or two feature interviews, supporting footage from two or three locations then we will generally need a day to make sure we have everything we need.

  • How many crew members do we need to capture the footage properly

For simple talking heads, interviews, case studies, testimonials, company announcements etc, I can usually produce independently as a self shooting producer /  videographer. I can work alone or with an assistant to capture all the necessary video content on the shoot. 

For larger and more complex video productions, we will generally have a two or sometimes three person crew. A producer / director to run the shoot on the day and make sure we are capturing all of the required content. A videographer / director of photography to handle the technical and creative aspects of the images captured and if needed, a sound recordist who is solely responsible of capturing the best quality sound on the day. 

My philosophy is to have a lean, multi-skilled crew while also bringing in experts when needed. This provides excellent value for money and still making sure the video content is of the highest standard. 

  • Complexity of the editing process

The editing process can vary from editing a simple scripted piece to camera all the way to cutting multiple interviews, supporting footage, archive content, music, sound effects, advanced colour grading and animation. 

For a single interview video with some supporting footage and music, this can generally be edited, tweaked, colour graded and delivered with a 1 – 2 day edit budget.

  • Are we producing one video or several from the shoot?

Filming a variety of topics or subjects on a filming day can provide more value for your budget, it takes time to organise a shoot, for the crew to arrive and setup all of the equipment.

I generally encourage capturing as much content as possible on the shoot day(s). For example, if you would like to create a testimonial video, why not schedule in three interviewees to talk about their experiences instead of one?

While the equipment is set up, ready to shoot, it’s a fantastic use of time to conduct 3 interviews to maximise the amount of content captured. We could then use the remainder of the shoot day to capture all of the supporting footage. The more seperate topics we capture during production results in more video content you have to distribute to your audience. 

Another way to maximise your reach would be to film the content on the day for a longer 2 – 3 minute feature video whilst also editing a series of shorter clips for social media. Editing shorter clips from an existing longer video generally takes less time in the edit.

Do you do RAW footage only assignments??

Yes, as a freelance DP / DOP I have been on hundreds of shoots over the years all over the world. 

Many of these assignments I was hired as a freelance dp / camera operator and provided raw footage to agencies, production companies and TV networks.

However, I rarely provide ‘raw footage only’ to non TV / content industry business.

How long will it take to complete our video?

I try and cater the turnaround time depending on the urgency of the video. I have delivered final edits on the same day as filming in the past (although with a few additional grey hairs at the end of the day!)

For most projects, I generally require one week from wrapping up the filming aspect to delivering a draft version of the video. 

From there, I usually take any feedback form you onboard, implement, colour grade and deliver the final file.

More complex & larger projects with multiple deliverables, animation, intertwining interviews with supporting interviews and advanced image manipulation etc, I aim for 10 business days to deliver the first draft of the video.

Do you have any video production cost examples?

As I’ve previously touched on, video production is quite difficult to provide an accurate cost guide as every project is different with many moving parts. 

Here are a some examples of recent videos and a costing guide.

Example 1:
Create 2 x testimonial videos at our office location. 2 x interviews and supporting footage.

Pre Production:
Organise pre shoot logistics, project management.

Crew: 1 x self shooting DP / videographer (Paul Moses) with 2 x 4k camera kits.
1 x half day shoot in the Adelaide CBD. 

Post Production:
Produce 2 x 1m 30s videos using footage captured during the shoot. Add music, logos and intro graphics.
1.5 edit days with editor.

Cost Guide: $2300 – $2700

Example 2:
Capture and produce a 2 hour live music performance with 4 camera angles. Produce 16 x 5 – 7 minute performance videos.

Pre Production:
Organise pre shoot logistics, supply 3 x crew for the shoot.

Crew: 1 x Self shooting producer (Paul Moses) & 2 x camera operators.
Equipment: 4 x 4k camera kits.

Post Production:
Produce 16 multi-cam videos.
3 x edit days with editor.

Cost Guide: $4800 – $5200

What type of video format will you supply to us?

I generally supply the finished video to you in .mp4 format. .mp4 is accepted by all of the major social channels including Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Vimeo. 

If you require a different format, I am happy to convert and supply this to you with no additional charge. 

All of my filming is captured in 4k 10-bit .MXF video. This is a high resolution format which allows me to supply the finished video in either true 4k or Full HD. 

What is the video production process?

I create custom video content in Adelaide geared to your specific needs.

This means that every project I work on is different (one of the reasons I love my career!) but generally speaking, each project is broken down into three phases:

  • Pre Production

This is the stage I learn about you, what you would like to create and offer advice and guidance on getting it off the ground. I set out a framework and schedule, starting with your delivery date and ideally working backwards from there. We’ll work together to set a shoot date, organise talent and generally make sure we have all the ingredients ready for the shoot.

  • Production

The ‘action’ part of the process! Myself & the crew will capture all of the required footage during your shoot, this will either be in your office, factory, in a green screen studio or out in public, wherever is relevant. 

The amount of crew on the project is dependent on the scale of the shoot. Some times I will handle the shoots by myself as a self-shooting producer or I will have a crew of producer / director, videographer / DOP and sometimes a sound recordist.

  • Post Production

After the shoot is done, I will then transfer all of the captured footage into the edit studio. I backup all of the footage to three seperate locations for peace of mind before piecing all of the footage together to craft the video into life. I’ll add music, graphics, logos and any supporting assets before sending you the first draft. 

You can then provide any feedback you may have via our online portal before we finalise the video ready for distribution. We’ll send you the finished video(s) via a private secure download link.

Can you add subtitles to our video?

Yes I can! The option of subtitles are included in every video project if you wish to have them. There are two options with subtitles:

Burnt into the video

I can either ‘burn them’ into the video. This means the subtitles are exported within the video itself so they will permanently be displayed on the video. The viewer will not have an option to turn them off or on. 

This can work well for videos that will be on a screen where the viewer won’t have control over. For example: a TV screen at a trade show that might have the volume down or a large screen at a conference in front of a crowd of people

As a seperate .srt file

The other option is I can send you a seperate file (.srt) that you can upload to social media or youtube for example. The subtitles will be synced to the voice in the video. Being a seperate file, the viewer will have the option to turn them off or on. 

Most video upload platforms will give you the option to fine tune the timing and text of the .srt file as well.

Do you offer photography services as well?

Often, when planning a video, it can be beneficial to have photography done at the same time. 

This can minimise staff disruption as well as keeping the style, lighting and over all feel of the images consistent with the video. 

I am a multi-skilled DP / videographer with a lot of experience under my belt, I can cover many roles in the TV & video production industry. One role however that I feel is best not multi-tasked is photography.

I feel that photography is a unique talent which shouldn’t be a combined role. I prefer to concentrate my role on creating the best video content possible.

If you would like to combine photography with your video project, I know a range of local talented photographers who are fantastic to work with and I trust to provide excellent images for your project.

What kind of filming equipment do you use?

I have an extensive list of in-house production equipment that I use daily.

I have 3 camera kits packed and ready to go.

I will use the Sony FX6, A7S3 or Sony FS7 on our shoots. All of which shoot absolutely crystal clear 4k video in up to 4 x slow motion.

I have a range of lighting, lighting modifiers, wireless microphones, gimbals, drones and lenses.

You can see a full list of my in-house equipment here

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